Swing Dance Community Organizers/Promoters that Contribute to Ashkenaz

The Swing Community in the San Francisco Bay area has been built by band leaders, venues, organizers and dance instructors for more than 20 years.  It is something organic that has grown, as a grass roots movement, from people’s love of the music and dancing.  We wish to thank the swing organizers and promoters below, in order of their seniority of continuing contributions to Ashkenaz.

Since 1996: Cheryl McBride
Since 2008: Karen and Michael
Since 2014: Michael Marangio
Since 2014: Burnie Gipson
Since 2014: Nathan Dias

Special thanks to those who have contributed greatly to our Swing Dance Community in the past, but are currently retired.

Belinda Ricklefs
Nick Lawrence

Who do we include as a “Swing Organizer/Promoter” on this page?  Someone who is actively involved in teaching dance lessons, promoting and organizing swing dance events throughout the year; who currently contributes to the Ashkenaz Swing Dance Community by:

  • Co-producing shows with Ashkenaz (not including band leaders. See Bands Page.)
  • Teaching dance lessons as part of a Live Show at Ashkenaz.
  • Choreographing performances, Leading Shim Shams or other activities at the breaks between the band’s live music sets at Ashkenaz.